Wednesday, March 28, 2018

YES! 139 times - yes.
Maryland House of Delegates votes unanimously in favor of classroom screen safety bill

Sending cheers across the country, the Maryland House of Delegates today voted unanimously to approve a measure that requires the Maryland State Department of Education to create "Health and Safety Best Practices" for the use of digital devices in Maryland classrooms.

The bill now moves into the Senate Rules Committee, which will refer the legislation to the Senate Education Health and Environmental Affairs (EHE) Committee. Please call the members of the Rules Committee, and ask them to move this bill forward as soon as possible.

While there is no opportunity to testify in person in any of these deliberations, please contact your Senator and ask him/her to take action and support this critical effort to protect Maryland children from avoidable harm in their classrooms.

Your Senator's contact information is here.

The Maryland House of Delegates is to be commended for their unanimous vote today; it is a display of unparalleled leadership in protecting the health and safety of all Maryland students, and preventing avoidable harm in their classrooms.

Deepest thanks to everyone who is voting, calling, writing, tweeting, sharing, liking, emailing and working so hard to get this done this year. 

Cindy Eckard