Monday, February 19, 2018

Maryland students are counting on you to protect them:  

Ask lawmakers to pass HB1110

The hearing on HB1110 "Public Schools - Health and Safety Guidelines and Procedures - Digital Devices" will be held on March 2 at 1:00 in the Ways and Means Committee. 

A letter from you is important, so that lawmakers know how much support this critical legislation has across the state, and beyond, as other states hope to see Maryland establish a model for the country. 

Children must be protected from the known health risks associated with the daily use of digital devices. This bill brings schools, doctors, teachers, children's health experts and parents together to craft safety guidelines to protect our children, now and in the future.

Please remember to put the bill number in your letter and on the subject line and copy these key people: Ways and Means Chair Anne Kaiser; Delegate Eric Luedtke, who heads the Ways and Means education subcommittee; Delegate Steve Arentz, the champion for students who has sponsored this effort; and your delegate(s).

Here is an easy copy/paste of their email addresses:
Here is a General Assembly directory of lawmakers in each county, their committees, and their contact information to help you include your own elected official(s).

Many thanks to all the co-sponsors

It's exciting to have such broad bi-partisan support across the state from 32 delegates who have co-sponsored HB1110. If you would like to include a copy to these caring lawmakers, that would be helpful too. The names in bold indicate House Ways and Means Committee members whose vote on this bill will be essential:

Christopher AdamsCarl AndertonWendell Beitzel, Benjamin Brooks Jason BuckelMark Chang, Jerry Clark, Luke Clippinger,   Joe Cluster,   Paul CordermanEric Ebersole, William Folden, Jeff Ghrist, Shelly Hettleman, Kevin Hornberger, Rick Impallaria, Jay Jacobs, Nicholaus Kipke, Stephen Lafferty, Robbyn Lewis, Brooke Lierman, Johnny Mautz, Pat McDonough, Ric Metzgar, Warren Miller, Edith Patterson, April Rose, Haven Shoemaker, Jimmy Tarlau, David Vogt, Chris West, C.T. Wilson

Thanks very much for your help. If you're short on time, please just call your Delegate and ask to get this bill passed. Children and parents across the country are counting on us to create this blueprint for student safety nationwide. 

We can do this.

Cindy Eckard